Tektronix P6330

Tektronix P6330

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3.5 GHz Differential Probe The Tektronix P6330 Differential Probe enable users to make time-domain or frequency-domain measurements on high-bandwidthsignals commonly found in digital IC designs, communication applications,and disk drive applications. The Tektronix P6330 provide high-bandwidth,low circuit loading, and low-noise differential probing solutions. Thesmall probe head geometry and assorted probe tip accessories allowthese probes to easily accommodate manual probing of surface-mountdevices. P6330 Supplied With : Carry Case & Square Pin Adapter (Please ask for details) P6330 Differential Probe Applications Communications (Gigabit Ethernet,Fibre Channel, InfiniBand) Semiconductor Characterizationand Validation : PCI Express, Serial ATA, IEEE 1394, USB 2.0 (The P7350 is not recommended for USB2.0 compliance testing), RAMBUS, DDR Disk Drive Design Tektronix P6330 Features <140 ps Rise Time 3.5 GHz Bandwidths (typical) Low Input Capacitance