Tektronix SD-46

Tektronix SD-46

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DC - 20 GHz Optical to Electrical Converter 1200nm - 1650 nm (+ Optical power meter function) The Tektronix SD-46 is an optical to electrical converter plug in for use 11801X, CSA8XXX series mainframes. The optical to electrical conversion is linear up to 25 mW peak input with a calibration deflection factor from 60 uW/div for optical wavelengths at 1300 nm. The unit has a 28.5 ps optical impluse response (max. FWHM) with the SD24 or SD26 Sampling Heads. Tektronix SD-46 Features DC - 20 GHz 1200nm - 1650nm Optical Power Meter function Ask for Tektronix SD-46 detailed specification.