Tektronix P6701

Tektronix P6701

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Optical to Electrical Converter - 700 MHz, 450nm - 1050nm The Tektronix P6701A is an analog optical-to-electrical (O/E) converters that convert an optical input signal into an electrical output signal for display on an oscilloscope equipped with the TEKPROBE® interface or any other oscilloscope when used in conjunction with the Tektronix 1103 TEKPROBE Interface Power supply. Use of the TEKPROBE interface allows the oscilloscope to supply power to the probe, automatically determine and display the proper scale factor (in microwatts of optical power) and set the input termination to the required 50 n. Tektronix P6701A Features Bandwidth: DC - 700 MHz Wavelength Range: 450nm - 1050nm Optical input: Up to 200m Output Impedance: 50Ohms Ask for Tektronix P6701A detailed specification.