Tektronix TDS744A

Tektronix TDS744A

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500MHz, 4 Channel Digital Oscilloscope The Tektronix TDS744A digital oscilloscope provides the advanced signal acquisition, analysis and display functions required for making power electronics measurements. The maximum record length is 50,000 points per channel. The instrument is fully programmable via GPIB (IEEE 488.2) and has GPIB, RS-232 and Centronics I/O ports. Tektronix TDS744A Features 500 MHz, 2GS/s (1 Ch), 4 Channel Infinite and Variable Persistence Sweep speed: 10 s/div to 500 ps/div Pulse Width, 1 ns Glitch; Runt, Pattern, State, Triggering1 mV/div -10 V/div Sensitivity 8-Bit Vertical Resolution and up to 13 Bits with HiResHigh­Resolution Color Monitor Color Display Ask for Tektronix TDS744A detailed specification.