Tektronix TDS350

Tektronix TDS350

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200 MHz, Digitizing Oscilloscope The Tektronix TDS350 offers the simplicity of an analog scope while supporting a wide range of digital functionality. Bandwidth: DC to 200MHz. Sample rate: 1GS/s. 21 Automatic measurements and 10ns peak detect for high speed glitch capture. Tektronix TDS350 Features 200 MHz, 2 Ch, 1GS/s (On each channel) Sensitivity: 2 mV to 10 V/div Time/Division Range: 2.5 ns - 5 s/div Record Length: 1000 sample points per channel Triggering System (Main Only) Video Output RS232 & GPIB Ask for Tektronix TDS350 detailed specification.