Voltech PM1000

Voltech PM1000

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AC Power Analyzer The Voltech PM1000 is an easy to use ac power analyzer, combine bench instrument accuracy with sophisticated energy consumption features and low-power standby measurements at an affordable price. PM1000 offers wide frequency up to 20KHz. It offers wide range of features like harmonic analysis, apparent power, RMS Votage and current measurement, voltage crest factor. Voltech PM1000 Features Easy to use - fully autoranging for voltage, current and frequency Harmonic analysis of current and voltage waveforms Computes the crest factor (Pk/RMS) of input voltage and load current Display real power factor Wide frequency range : DC to 20KHz True RMS measurement of voltage (2V to 700V AC) and current (20mA to 20A AC) Ask for Voltech PM1000 detailed specification.