Agilent HP 6255A

Agilent HP 6255A

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Dual DC Power Supply - 40V, 1.5A The Agilent 6255A power suppliy (40V, 1.5A) combines the versatility of a dual power supply with the flexibility of auto-series and auto-parallel operation, each supply can deliver the maximum-rated output voltage or current of each section. HP / Agilent 6255A Features Dual power supply Output ratings (0 - 55 deg C): 0-40V, 0-1.5A Max Power Output: 60W Load regulation: 0.01% + 2 mV, 0.01% + 250 uA Line regulation: 0.01% + 2 mV, 0.01% + 250 uA Auto-tracking Ask for HP 6255A detailed specification.


ManufacturerAgilent HP