Agilent HP 66000A

Agilent HP 66000A

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Modular Power System The Agilent 66000 modular power system simplifies test-system assembly, cabling, programming, debugging and operation. It is ideal for ATE and production test environments, where it can supply bias power and stimulus to subassemblies and final products. The modular power system saves rack space, the 7-inch-high (4-EIA units) mainframe can accommodate up to eight DC power modules. Multiple Mainframes at One GPIB Address The Agilent serial link feature will allow you to control up to 16 outputs at one GPIB address by connecting an auxiliary mainframe. The serial link cable comes standard with the 66000 MPS mainframe. For applications with a broader range of power requirements, one 66000 mainframe can be connected with up to eight of the 6640, 6650, 6670, 6680, 6690 or 6030 series of system power supplies. This solution provides power ranges from 150 watts to 5000 watts at one primary GPIB address. Output Connections


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