Farnell AP60/50

Farnell AP60/50

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1KW Autoranging Bench Power Supply (60V-50A) The Farnell AP series (AP60-50) power supplies utilise an autoranging concept and can provide a wide and adjustable range of voltage and current combinations within their constant power envelope. This is ideal for bench or systems use because a single unit will often meet future as well as present needs. Because they utilise an efficient switchmode topolgy AP series units are compact and relatively lightweight for their considerable power outputs. They are suitable for stand-alone bench use or for integrating into systems. Farnell AP60-50 Features 0-60V, 0-50A Voltage or resistance programming Twin 3 digit LED panel meters for volts and amps Inherent via CV/CI. Adjustable overvoltage limit (OVL) Overtemperature (OT) protection. Input fuse. Ask for Farnell AP60-50 detailed specification.