Keithley 6221

Keithley 6221

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AC and DC Current Source The Model Keithley 6220 DC Current Source and Model Keithley 6221 AC and DC Current Source combine ease of use with exceptionally low current noise. Low current sourcing is critical to applications in test environments ranging from R&D to production, especially in the semiconductor, nanotechnology, and superconductor industries. High sourcing accuracy and built-in control functions make the Models 6220 and 6221 ideal for applications like Hall measurements, resistance measurements using delta mode, pulsed measurements, and differential conductance measurements. The Model 6221’s combination of high source resolution and megahertz update rates makes it capable of emulating high fidelity current signals that are indistinguishable from analog current ramps. Keithley 6221 Features Source AC currents from 4pA to 210mA peak to peak for AC characterization of components and materials. The 6221’s 10MHz output update rate generates smooth sine waves up to 100kHz