Keithley 238

Keithley 238

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High Current Source-Measure Unit (±110V, ±1A) Keithley 238 Source-Measure Units (SMU) is fully programmable instrument, capable of sourcing and measuring voltage or current simultaneously. 238 is really four instruments in one: voltage source, current source, voltage measure and current measure. The 238 offers a decade enhancement in current source and measure (1A). In this higher current range, voltage source and measure is 15V maximum. Keithley 238 will measure very small currents and voltages. With current sensitivity of 10fA, measurement capabilities are equal to those of an electrometer. Selectable integration and the filtering of multiple measurements enhances sensitivity for demanding applications. Both source voltages and source currents settle to specified accuracy in as little as 500μs. Programmable delay and fast, integrating measurement capability can provide coordinated source-measure times of 1ms.