Keithley 617

Keithley 617

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Programmable Electrometer/Source The Model Keithley 617 performs four functions: current, resistance, voltage and charge measuremnets. It is capable of detecting currents from 1X10 –16 to 2X10 –2A and resistances up to 5X10 16 Ω. It provides more than 2X10 14 Ω input impedance on voltage measurements from 10µV to 200 V and can detect charge over a range of 10 –14 to 2X10 –8 C. In addition to standard resistance functions using constant current, the 617’s variable voltage source can supply from 50mV to 102V, which can be applied to a resistance and the resulting current or resistance displayed. The 617’s built-in IEEE-488 interface makes all controls programmable. The built-in V-Ω GUARD switch lets you drive the inner shield of the triaxial input cable at guard voltage, minimizing leakage current and time constants. 100-point data storage is also built in, with Min/Max readings available from front panel or bus.