Agilent Technologies (HP) 3245A

Agilent Technologies (HP) 3245A

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Dual Channel Universal Source The HP 3245A universal source (Agilent 3245A) combines precision dc capabilities with versatile ac performance, including arbitrary waveform generation. This creates versatility on the bench, where the HP 3245A may be all the source you ever need. The HP 3245A can also fit into your computeraided test system, providing the capabilities of ac, dc, Arb, and secondchannel options in a single 31⁄2-inch tall instrument. Arbitrary Waveform Generator The HP 3245A offers arbitrary waveform operation at a full 1-MHz bandwidth. This is accomplished by a sampling technique in which the values loaded into RAM are sampled at approximately 4.3 MHz and then run through a 1.25-MHz 5-pole low-pass filter. This allows full 1-MHz repetition rate while maintaining 0.001-Hz resolution at any frequency. The HP 3245A can also store multiple arrays that can be accessed for arbitrary waveform generation. Array depth is 2048 bytes. Precision DC


ManufacturerAgilent Technologies (HP)