EG&G 273A

EG&G 273A

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Potentiostat / Galvanostat The EG&G 273A's advanced design, superior quality, and high reliability make it unmatched by anypotentiostat in the world. Whether you control your experiments from the front panel or from yourcomputer, the Model 273A lets you make almost any electrochemical measurement you want. With its 100V compliance and 1A output capability, the Model 273A is capable of rapidly and accurately controlling thepotential in virtually any electrochemical cell. This high compliance voltage ensures accurate potential control in highresistance cells, such as those with dilute electrolytes or non-aqueous solvents. EG&G 273A Features Compliance Voltage: >±100 V Maximum Output Current: >±1.0 A Input Bias Current: <20 pA at 25°C External Differential Electrometer Advanced Solid State Technology GPIB & RS-232 Interface Ask for EG&G 273A detailed specification.