IFR Marconi 2382 2380

IFR Marconi 2382 2380

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Spectrum Analyzer (100Hz to 400MHz) with Display Unit The Marconi 2382 and 2380 Spectrum Analyzer and Display Unit, togather form high performance Spectrum Analyzer. Advanced RF design and microprocessor control are combined to provide outstanding accuracy, resolution and stability to meet the most exacting demands in all areas of signal and response analysis. The instrument offers a comprehensive measurement capability for a wide range of applications, including audio, ultrasonics, HF, VHF and certain UHF measurements. The IFR 2382 can be configured as both a talker and listner over the GPIB, so it can run either totally automatically as a stand-alone test system, or be incorporated in a more complex ATE system. Rear panel markings give the capability codes which identify the interface functions applicable to the 2382 analyzer. Marconi 2382 / 2380 Features 100Hz to 400MHz frequency range, covers audio to VHF ±1dB total level accuracy, reduces measurement uncertainties. Includes ±0.


ManufacturerIFR Marconi
Model2382 / 2380