Agilent Technologies (HP) HP 3780A / 001 K01 J01

Agilent Technologies (HP) HP 3780A / 001 K01 J01

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Pattern Generator / Error Detector The HP 3780A Pattern Generator / Error Detector is a comprehensive error measuring set in one portable package for use in manufacturing, field trials, commissioning and maintenance of digital transmission terminal and link equipment. The instrument measures binary errors and code errors in digital transmission equipment operating at rates between 1 kb/s and 50 Mb/s. Frequency offset generation and measurement are provided at the standard PCM/TDM transmission rates. A range of standard PRBS test patterns and automatic pattern recognition / synchronisation are provided for simple performance checks. It also has flexible WORD generation and zero substitution to explore regenerator timing recovery performance and detect systematic errors. Binary clock and data or ternary coded data interfaces can be selected with automatic equalisation at 2,8 and 34 Mb/s on the receiver.


ManufacturerAgilent Technologies (HP)
ModelHP 3780A / 001 / K01 / J01