Agilent Technologies (HP) HP 4957A/001

Agilent Technologies (HP) HP 4957A/001

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Portable WAN Protocol Analyzer with Opt 001. The Agilent 4957A is portable, rugged, easy-to-use wan protocol analyzer that supports all major interfaces and protocols. Monitor, decode, simulate protocols and run BERT to 64 Kb/s. Prewritten Tests are turnkey diagnostic solutions that count errors, measure network performance, initialize communication software, and preconfigure data filters and test setups. Full Protocol Simulation actively tests network device operation by emulating the network or a network device. Capture Intermittent Problems: large Data Capture Buffers available from 3/4 MB on the HP 4957A. Agilent / HP 4957A / 001 Features Real-time decodes of all major protocols Real-time statistical measurements Data Rates: 64 Kb/s monitor, simulation, and BERT; 256 Kb/s fast capture monitor (Opt 001) User Interface: Softkey-driven, high reso lution 13-cm (5-inch) display Interfaces: Built-in RS-232, V.35, RS-449; optional ISDN BRI and PRI, and X.21


ManufacturerAgilent Technologies (HP)
ModelHP 4957A/001