IFR / Marconi 2853S 01

IFR / Marconi 2853S 01

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Digital Communications Analyzer The Marconi 2853S Digital Communications Analyzer (Aeroflex 2853S) extends the capabilities of the 2850B and 2851 series of analyzers to include support of the newer service offerings from PTTs world-wide. 2853S is able to generate and receive all commonly used framing systems up to 34 Mbit/s, for both the European and North American digital hierarchies and has the flexibility to address global applications, including operation in International Gateways where there is a requirement to test mixtures of European and North American traffic carried on satellite systems. Marconi / IFR 2853S / 01 Features PCM and data pattern generator and error detector from 50 bit/s to 34 Mbit/s Demultiplex and hierarchical errors and alarms monitoring Generate and monitor test patterns, framed or unframed, at all hierarchical levels within 8 and 34 Mbit/s signals Data interface and analog channel access G.821, G.921, M.2100 and G.962 analysis


ManufacturerIFR / Marconi
ModelMarconi 2853S / 01