Tektronix TEK 1751

Tektronix TEK 1751

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Waveform / Vector Monitor The Tektronix 1751 PAL Waveform / Vector / SCH Monitor is a comprehensive signal monitor that also provides extended measurement capability. The Tek 1751 monitor can be retrofit into existing systems that use 1/2 rack width, 5 1/4 inch waveform or vector monitors. The Tektronix 1751 combines conventional monitoring capabilities with the ability to perform SCH phasing tasks that until now have required additional instrumentation. SCH phase and color frame matching can be measured directly by using the SCH mode. This capability makes the 1751 ideally suited to production and editing applications where the maintenance of SCH phase and color frame relationship is critical. Tektronix 1751 Features Line and field selection for VITS / ITS monitoring Dual Filter/Simultaneous Display SCH Phase and Color Framing RGB/YRGB Mode R-Y (V-Axis) Mode Remote Control Capability Comprehensive signal monitoring Ask for Tektronix 1751 detailed specification.


ModelTEK 1751