Agilent Technologies (HP) HP E1405B

Agilent Technologies (HP) HP E1405B

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VXI Command Module, HP-IB to VXI interface* The HP E1405B Command Module is a C-size VXI module that has all Slot 0 and resource manager capabilities required by VXI. This module is an HP-IB to VXI interface, and makes both register-based and message-based modules appear as HP-IB instruments to an external computer. Built-in SCPI language makes it easy to program HP register-based cards, including all HP B-size modules. Built-in SCPI also allows ITG to access register based cards. HP E1405B Features C-Size, Slot 0, 1U HP-IB and RS-232 Interfaces Ask for HP E1405B detailed specification.


ManufacturerAgilent Technologies (HP)
ModelHP E1405B