National Instruments NI SCXI-1001

National Instruments NI SCXI-1001

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National Instruments NI SCXI-1001 Rugged, compact 12-slot chassis to house any SCXI modules

The NI SCXI-1001 is a rugged, low-noise chassis that can hold up to 12 SCXI modules. This chassis powers SCXI modules as well as handles all timing, trigger, and signal routing between your digitizer and SCXI modules. For larger systems, or future expansion, you can also daisy chain up to eight SCXI-1001 chassis with a single E Series digitizer for high-channel-count applications. The SCXI-1000 offers seven different power options to match your country's power and can be reconfigured for use in other countries. Rack mounting and portable accessories are also available.

National Instrument SCXI-1001 Features

  • Rugged, compact 12-slot chassis to house any SCXI modules
  • Low-noise signal conditioning environment
  • Rack-mount, panel mount, and portable options with forced air cooling
  • 3 internal analog buses
  • Timing circuitry for high-speed multiplexing
  • NI-DAQ driver simplifies configuration and measurements


ManufacturerNational Instruments
ModelNI SCXI-1001