Racal 1260-18

Racal 1260-18

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Basic High Density Switch Module The Racal 1260-18 is a high-density general purpose switch module that provides 152 channels. This configuration allows the user to develop application specific switch systems with a minimum number of switch cards. The 1260-18 provides the necessary bandwidth and current/voltage switch capability to make it the ideal general purpose switch card. The 1260-18 can be user configured in many ways switching up to 250AC or 2A per channel. Relay coil current monitoring is available to provide confidence checking which gives the user assurance of proper relay operation. The 1260-18 is controlled by the Option 01 message-based interface which is explained in detail in the Smart Control Module data sheet. All 1260 control features explained in that section are available to this module. The 1260-18 supports "equate" programming lists. This allows the


ModelRacal 1260-18