Agilent / HP 34810B

Agilent / HP 34810B

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BenchLink Scope SW With the Agilent 34810B BenchLink Scope, it's easy to transfer screen images from an Agilent 54600- or 54800-series scope to your PC. From there, the Windows® Clipboard makes it a snap to create polished reports or presentations by moving scope results into your Windows application with a click of the mouse. Images can be archived in TIFF or PCX formats. In addition to screen images, Agilent BenchLink Scope lets you transfer the actual waveform data (stored as time/voltage pairs) for analysis in spreadsheets or statistical packages. You can also use scope waveforms as input for arbitrary waveforms generation by teaming up with Agilent BenchLink Arb. Agilent / HP 34810B Features Create polished documents by adding scope images to Windows documents Archive scope images in PCX or TIFF formats. Transfers images from your Agilent54600- or Agilent54800-series scope to your PC. Controller: 486 66MHz or higher


ManufacturerAgilent / HP
ModelHP 34810B