Fluke SW90W

Fluke SW90W

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Flukeview Software For Fluke 190 / 120 The Fluke SW90W FlukeView software allows you simple mouse-controlled tools to work with your Fluke 190 / 120 series oscilloscopes. The setup program installs the FlukeView software on PC’s running Windows 95, 98, ME (Millennium Edition), NT 4, 2000, and XP. The FlukeView software communicates with your ScopeMeter test tool via the optically isolated RS-232 adapter/cable connected to a COM port of the PC / Laptop. You can monitor and analyze slow moving signals and related events with the help of extended recording of up to four user-selected measurements. To perform waveform analysis, analyzing harmonics and detailed measurements, waveforms can be exported to the PC or a laptop Fluke SW90W Features Store and retrieve waveforms with text annotations Transfer screens, waveforms, and measurement data from the ScopeMeter to your PC / Laptop


ModelFluke SW90W