Stanford Research Systems SRS SR830

Stanford Research Systems SRS SR830

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DSP Lock-In Amplifier (1mHz-102KHz) The Stanford Research System SR830 Lock-In Amplifier simultaneously displays the magnitude and phase of a signal. The Lock-In Amplifier use Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to replace the demodulators, output filters, and amplifiers found in conventional lock-ins. The SR830 multiplies the signal by a pure sine wave at the reference frequency. All components of the input signal are multiplied by the reference simultaneously. The amplifier provides uncompromised performance with an operating range of 1 mHz to 102 kHz and 100 dB of drift-free dynamic reserve. The SR830 Amplifier has two 16,000 point buffers to simultaneously record two measurements. Data is transferred from the buffers using the computer interfaces. A trigger input is also provided to externally synchronize data recording. Digital Filtering The digital signal processor also handles the task of output filtering, allowing time constants from 10 ┬Ásec


ManufacturerStanford Research Systems
ModelSRS SR830