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Agilent 34937A General-purpose switch module with 34937T (HP 34937A)

Agilent / HP 34937A / 34937T

32 Channel General-purpose module for 34980A

The Agilent 34937A is the most versatile general purpose switch with 28 Form C channels that can switch up to 1 A of current. In addition, this module has four Form A channels that can switch up to 5 A of current. For power switching applications. The built-in relay counter helps predict when relays need to be replaced. The 34980A general-purpose switch 34937A can be used to route signals or to control other system devices. These switches are ideal for device actuation and switching loads or power supplies. The general purpose switch module contain latching armature relays where multiple channels can be closed at the same time. Additionally, for switching reactive loads, the optional terminal blocks have pads for snubbing circuits.

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Agilent / HP 34937A Features

  • Channels : 28 Form C, 4 Form A
  • Form C - 60 W, Form A - 150 W
  • Form C - 1 A (2 A carry), Form A 5 A switch (8 A carry)
  • Form C - 300 V, Form A - 30 VDC/250 VAC
  • Armature latching relays
  • Simultaneous channel switching
  • Temperature sensor to detect overheating conditions
  • With 34937T : Terminal block with screw connectors

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