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Agilent 54616B Oscilloscope - 500MHz, 2GSa/s, 2 Channel (HP 54616B For Rental)

Agilent 54616B

Rent Agilent 54616B Oscilloscope (HP 54616B)

Agilent / HP 54616B Price

The top-of-the-line Agilent 54616B offers the same benefits as the 54615B but with twice the sample rate 2 GSa/s sampling rate, 500 MHz bandwidth, and 1 nanosecond peak detection. The parallel processing utilized in the 54616B allows acquisition and display systems of the oscilloscope to function independently of human interface and measurement systems, making it an ideal choice when either responsiveness to changes in your waveform or front panel settings are needed.

Displays you can trust

Agilent Technologies 54600-series oscilloscopes feature real-time vector displays that give you a clear and accurate picture of your waveforms. Like analog oscilloscope displays, these enhanced displays give you waveform slew rate information at a glance, with brighter traces representing more slowly changing waveforms and dimmer traces representing more rapidly changing waveforms.

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The multiprocessor architecture of 54645A oscilloscope permits a display update rate of up to 3.0million points per second. This fast display update means the oscilloscope screen reflects changes in the waveform instantaneously, giving you the display responsiveness you need to make adjustments quickly and see complex waveforms accurately.

Powerful digital features

The digital architecture of Agilent 54600-series oscilloscopes gives you a multitude of features that help you get your job done easier and faster:

  • Pretrigger viewing capability lets you view events that you’d miss with an analog scope. This feature lets you see what happened before the trigger event, so you can troubleshoot more effectively.
  • Autoscale frees you from resetting the scope every time you move the probe from test point to test point. You simply hit the autoscale button and it sets voltage, time and trigger parameters for you.
  • With autostore, the waveform displays at full brightness while all previously acquired waveforms remain on the scope’s screen at half brightness. You see a history of waveform activity while simultaneously viewing the live waveform.
  • Automatic measurements of voltage, frequency and time, plus user-defined cursor measurements, make waveform characterization fast and easy.

Agilent / HP 54616B Features

  • 500 MHz, 2GS/s, 2 Channel
  • Record Length : 5,000 points
  • 1 ns peak detect
  • Single shot bandwidth : 250 MHz
  • Fast, responsive display
  • Simple, easy-to-use controls

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