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Agilent 54622D Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (HP 54622D For Rental)

Agilent 54622D

Rent Agilent 54622D Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (HP 54622D)

Agilent / HP 54622D Price

The Agilent 54622D 2+16 channel, 100 MHz Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope (MSO), with two scope channels and 16 logic timing channels, uniquely combines the detailed signal analysis of a scope with the multi-channel timing measurements of a logic analyzer. It lets you trigger on and view the complex interactions among your signals on up to 18 channels simultaneously. The 54622D is ideally suited for CPLD and MCU based applications.

MegaZoom Deep Memory

With 2 MB of MegaZoom deep memory behind every channel, 54622D scopes give you deep-memory capture without the sluggish response and complex operation youve had to tolerate with other deep-memory scopes. And unlike the alternatives, MegaZoom deep memory is not a special mode; it operates with the same familiar controls you use for regular scope measurements. That means it's always available to help you do a better job finding details buried in complex signals, discovering anomalies in the absence of good trigger events, correlating high-speed digital control signals with slower analog signals and capturing infrequent events.

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Revolutionary high-definition display

When you combine MegaZoom deep memory with a patented high-definition display system, you get an accurate and responsive "window into your world". The MegaZoom deep memory is mapped into 32 levels of gray scale on a display which has superior horizontal resolution. And because the screen update rate is more than 25 times faster than typical digital scopes, you get a responsive display that reflects changes in your waveform instantaneously - so you see a more realistic representation of your signals.

Agilent / HP 54622D Features

  • 100 MHz, 2+16 Channel, 200 MS/s
  • Patented high-definition display with superior horizontal resolution
  • 4 MB of MegaZoom deep memory mapped to 32 levels of intensity, 25 million vectors/sec.
  • Standard built-in floppy, RS-232 and parallel ports, FFT's
  • Powerful, flexible triggering including IC, SPI, LIN, CAN and USB
  • Quick Help in 11 languages

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