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Agilent 64700B In-Circuit Emulator System Card Cage (HP 64700B)

Agilent / HP 64700B

Agilent 64700B In-Circuit Emulator System Card Cage (HP 64700B)

The HP / Agilent 64700B / 64700A card cage is the basis for modular HP 64700 Series emulators and anlyzers. It can be disassembled and reassembled for easy, cost-saving reconfiguration to support other 8-, 16-, or 32-bit processors.

The card cage has six and a half card slots. Two and a half slots are dedicated to a card cage host control card, and an optional LAN card. The remaining four slots are available for an emulator card set, an optional software performance analyzer card and future products.

Agilent 64700B Price

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Motorola ICE Emulators Available

68020, 68030, 68340,
68360, 68302

Intel ICE Emulators Available

80C186/8EB, 80C196

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Communication with the card cage is accomplished via LAN or RD-232, allowing the HP development tools to operate in a variety of environments.

Your investments in HP emulators for Motorola 68020, 68EC020, 68030, or 68EC030 processors is protected through the modular subsystems. Each of the emulators can be reconfigured by simply changing the active probe. This modular design results in cost effective support for a variety of processors.

Agilent/HP 64700B / 64700A Mainframe Features

  • 36" Probe Cable
  • 8 Real-Time Hardware Breakpoints
  • 16.67 MHz Bus Rate
  • Tracing Microprocessor Code Flow
  • 40ns Resolution
  • 32 Software Breakpoints

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