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Agilent E6000B Portable Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Mainframe (HP E6000B)

Agilent E6000B / E6000C

Agilent / HP Portable Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Mainframe (HP E6000B)
Agilent / HP E6000B/C Opt 003 Price
Agilent E6000C Mini-OTDR Datasheet

The Agilent / HP E6000B Mini-OTDR Mainframe maximizes your network uptime by locating and characterizing faults quickly and accurately. The combination of 16,000 data points and a minimum sample spacing of 8 cm allows the powerful analysis algorithm to determine the exact location and characteristic of an event. The Agilent/HP E6000B color mini-OTDR is designed to provide its users with the fastest tool available for installing and commissioning multiple fiber links and locating faults for fiber maintenance through high measurement performance and an award winning simple-to-use interface. Several input modules are available to provide the fastest capabilities in fiber testing today.

Available OTDR Modules

HP E6005A : 850/1300nm High Performance Multi-Mode Module (26/34dB) Compatible with E6000B/003

HP E6006A : Power Meter Sub-Module (800nm to 1600nm)

HP E6007A : Visual Fault-Finder Sub-Module

HP E6008B : 1310/1550 nm ultra high performance single-mode module

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Optical Fiber Test Set–Everything in Your Hands

The mini-OTDR from Hewlett-Packard provides much more than just the fastest OTDR measurements; all the HP OTDR modules also act as powerful stabilized continuous wave (CW) light sources, and with the Optical Power Meter Sub-Module in place, you’re able to perform loss and power measurements. Within half a minute, you can switch from locating a break with the Visual Fault Finder to checking the multimode LAN.
All the OTDR modules use HP connector interfaces, which are easy to clean, interchangeable and provide flexibility.

At less than 2.8 kg (6.2 lbs), the HP E6000B, with its rugged design, is ideal to be carried even into those inaccessible places. Containing the most advanced smart battery technology, you never need be caught without power. The battery delivers exact information on the charge status—with an accurate on-screen “fuel gauge”. A full recharge takes less than 3 hours.

Agilent / HP E6000B/C Opt 003 Features

  • Built-in-multi-fiber test with template mode one-button operation
  • Automatic event adjustment
  • 15 secs power up cycle
  • Start-km:1 km-400 km
  • Span: 0.1 km-500 km
  • Inter mem: up to 200 traces
  • Automatic fiber characteristic
  • AvailableModules : E6005A, E6006A, E6007A, E6008B

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