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Agilent E8408A C Size, 4 Slot, VXI Mainframe (HP E8408A)

Agilent / HP E8408A

Agilent E8408A VXI Mainframe

The Agilent E8408A, 4-slot C-size VXI mainframe, is priced well below other Agilent VXI C-size mainframes. Its low price brings down the cost of test, especially when combined with Agilentís multi-function VXI M-Modules and data acquisition modules. Small size and light weight make the E8408A transportable and suitable for many data acquisition and field service applications. The E8408A offers mainframe monitoring, quiet efficient cooling, and 175 watts of usable power. This is adequate to power the vast majority of Agilent VXI modules.

Agilent E8408A Datasheet

Agilent / HP E8408A Price

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Improved, Highly Reliable Backplane Design

The backplane features solid state automatic daisy-chain jumpering for the VMEbus grant and interrupt acknowledge lines, eliminating the need for hand selection of switch settings. Full differential distribution of the CLK10 signal is provided on the backplane. This minimizes jitter and skew, providing a clean timing source for VXI instrument modules. The surface mount backplane improves both reliability and stripline signal performance.

Agilent / HP E8408A Features

  • 4-Slot, C-size
  • Small size/light weight opens new applications for VXI
  • Basic mainframe monitoring increases measurement confidence
  • Efficient, quiet cooling improves performance
  • Compliant with VXIbus Specifications

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