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Agilent 44472A Dual 1x4 VHF Multiplexer (HP 44472A)

Agilent / HP 44472A

Dual 1x4 VHF Multiplexer (HP 44472A)

The Agilent 44472A VHF module offers broadband switching capability for high-frequency and pulse signals. Two independent 50 Ohm character impedance bi-directional 1x4 switches are provided for signals from DC to 300 MHz. Very low crosstalk makes the VHF module ideal for VHF signal measurements using spectrum, network, or distortion analyzers. You can also use the excellent signal integrity of the VHF module for multiplexing inputs to your GPIB oscilloscope or waveform analyzer. Each group of four channels is isolated from the other as well as from the chassis to prevent ground loops. BNC connectors provide ease of connection to the module.

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Agilent / HP 44472A Features

  • Dual independent 4-to-1 coaxial multiplexers
  • Internal 50Ω termination
  • Switch dc up to 300MHz
  • BNC terminal connectors

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