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Agilent 8970B Noise Figure Meter - 10 MHz to 1600 MHz (HP 8970B)

Agilent / HP 8970B / 020

1600 MHz Noise Figure Meter (Agilent / HP 8970B)

Agilent / HP 8970B / 020 Price

Available With Noise Source
HP 346A / HP 346C

With the Agilent / HP 8970B Noise Figure Meter, noise figure measurements from 10 to 1600 MHz (2047 MHz optional) are easy, accurate, and repeatable. You save precious time, money, and resources, since the measurements are done quickly, accurately, and with less chance of mistakes. In addition, the wide dynamic range of the HP 8970B allows simultaneous gain measurements up to 40 dB or loss measurements to 20 dB, with no external attenuation or amplification.

The low instrumentation uncertainty (0.1 dB) and measurement stability of the HP 8970B give you confidence in your noise figure results. Automatic second-stage correction makes accurate noise figure readings possible even for low gain devices.

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Agilent / HP 8970B / 020 Features

  • Frequency Range: Tunable from 10 to 1600 MHz
  • Easy characterization of amplifiers and frequency converting devices
  • Simultaneous noise figure and gain measurements
  • Controls an external LO for receiver or microwave measurements
  • Compensates for losses before or after the DUT
  • Direct Noise Figure Measurements to 2047 MHz With Option 020 : Direct Noise Figure Measurements to 2047 MHz
  • Noise Source Available as Optional extra

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