Ameritec AM2-A Niagara Analogue Bulk Call Generator

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Ameritec AM2-A Niagara Analogue Bulk Call Generator

Ameritec AM2-A

Ameritec AM2-A Analogue Bulk Call Generator

The Ameritec AM2 Niagara family of products is comprised of fully self-contained portable test instruments designed to meet the rigid demands of today’s telephony applications developer in both laboratory and field applications. The AM2 Niagara, simply put, makes telephone calls -- and lots of them! Each AM2 Niagara unit allows interfacing to different line types. One model interfaces to Analog POTS lines, another to Analog P-Phones lines, others to T1, E1, PRI, BRI, and SS7. The AM2 Niagara allows users to develop a test environment with the ability to test highly complex call scenarios.

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The AM2 Niagara has the flexibility to serve a wide range of telephony testing requirements including both switch and network testing applications, in a captive lab or as a fully self-contained test tool. Whether your application calls for a single interface, or for multiple physical interfaces, the AM2 Niagara family provides a configuration that will meet or exceed your needs.
AM2-A Analog Call Generator provides physical interfaces for 64 analog line and 160 total lines with the AM2E-A Expansion unit.

Graphical Test Script Builder

Testing complex telephony applications requires you to develop many test cases. Limited programmability or learning a programming language used to be your choices - until ScriptMate! ScriptMate is a graphical tool that allows you to develop sophisticated test scripts by simply drawing the test sequence! AM2 Niagara Call Generators offer you the ultimate in flexibility by providing powerful built-in test case scripting capabilities. This level of flexibility is what gives the AM2 Niagara its power. ScriptMate is a tool that unlocks this power with an intuitive, easy-to-use, graphical test script generation method.

Ameritec AM2-A Features

  • Two volume controls adjust the stereo level of the internal loudspeaker
  • FeatureCall Graphical User Interface
  • Command line control via RS232C or Telnet, (TCP/IP Ethernet)
  • AM2-A typically 16,000 confirmed calls per hour (DTMF dialing, tone ID confirmation, 64 paired lines)
  • Pulse, DTMF, MF R1 & MF R2 dialing
  • Line Status Display

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