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Agilent Technologies (HP)

HP 53131A 225MHz, 10 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53131A/001 225MHz, 10 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53131A/010/030 225MHz, 10 Digit Universal Counter with High Stability Oscillator & 3GHz 3rd Channel
HP 53131A 225MHz, 10 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53132A 225MHz, 12 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53132A / 010 225MHz, 12 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53132A / 010 / 030 225MHz, 12 Digit Universal Counter
HP 5315B 100MHz Rackable Universal Counter
HP 5316B Universal Counter
HP 53181A/010 225MHz, 10 Digit RF Frequency Counter
HP 53181A/050 500MHz-20GHz CW Microwave Frequency Counter With Opt 050 - 5 GHz RF Channel
HP 53310A/030 Modulation Domain Analyser with 2.5GHz Channel C option
HP 5334A 100MHz Universal Counter
HP 5334B / 060 Universal Counter
HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter
HP 5350B 500MHz-20GHz CW Microwave Frequency Counter with HP-IB
HP 5352B 10 Hz to 40 GHz Microwave Counter
HP 5361B Pulse/ CW Microwave Counter
HP 5363B Time Interval Probe
HP 5370A HP / Agilent 5370A
HP 5370B Universal Time Interval Counter
HP 5371A DC to 500 MHz Time Interval Analyzer (w)
HP 5372A/090 2GHz Frequency and Time Interval Analyser with HP-IB
HP 5372B/090 2GHz Frequency & Time Interval Analyser with HPIB
HP 5385A 1GHz Frequency Counter
HP 5386A 3GHz Frequency Counter
HP E1420A 200MHz High Performance Universal Counter*
HP E1420B High-Performance Universal Counter, 200MHz, 2ns, VXI module
HP E1420B 200MHz High Performance Universal Counter Option 10 HSTB*


Aplab 1127 Frequency counter 3 ch. Ch C-60MHz to 1000 MHz
Aplab 1148 18 GHz Frequency Counter


EIP 548A EIP 548A

Fluke / Philips

Fluke 6651 Programmable High Resolution Counter/Timer
Fluke PM6669 Frequency Counter : 160 MHz
Philips PM6654C Programmable 1.5GHz Hi-Resolution Counter
Philips PM6670 120MHz Frequency Counter/Timer
Philips PM6671 120MHz Frequency Counter Timer
Philips PM6680B 1.3GHz Counter with Very High Stability option
Philips PM6685 2.7 GHz Counter With Battery
Philips PM6685R Rubidium Frequency Counter


HIL 2732 12Hz-1Ghz Frequency Counter

IFR / Marconi

Marconi 2440 20GHz Microwave Counter
Marconi CPM-46 46GHz Counter, Power Meter & Voltmeter


Keithley 775A Programmable & Dual Channel Counter / Timer - DC - 120MHz


Racal 1992/04B/055 1.3GHz Counter/Timer with High Stability & GP-IB
Racal 1995/01/04E 200MHz Counter/Timer with Ultra High Stability and GP-IB
Racal 1996 Racal 1996
Racal 1998 1.3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1998/04B/55 1.3GHz Frequency Counter with Options
Racal 1999 3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 2101 10Hz - 20GHz Microwave Counter with GP-IB
Racal 9835 Racal 9835
Racal 9906 200MHz Frequency Counter

Systron Donner

Systron Donner 6153 Systron Donner 6153

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