Fluke 5700A / 5720A : Precision Multifunction Calibrators (For Rent)

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Fluke 5700A & Fluke 5720A : Precision Multifunction Calibrators (For Rent)

Fluke 5700A / 5720A-UNP (5700/EP)

Rent Precision Multifunction Calibrators (Fluke 5720A / 5700A)
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High performance plus a choice of confidence levels

The Fluke 5700A has set the standard for multifunction calibrator performance. The Fluke 5700A Series II and 5720A set even higher standards, calibrating your high performance workload up to 8 1/2 digit system DMMs. Both models now state specifications to the standard Fluke 99% confidence level as well as the 95% confidence level to support easy measurement comparisons according to international quality standards including ISO 9000 and ISO Guide 25. All specifications are absolute and include the uncertainty of the calibration standards used. No additional analysis is required. Relative specifications are also available.

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Dramatically improved performance specifications
The new high performance 5720A offers an unprecedented accuracy level that delivers the lowest uncertainties available. It calibrates more of your precision meter workload, more easily and cost effectively than ever before.
Intuitive easy-to-use design
The 5700A Series II and the 5720A are remarkably easy to use. All readouts appear in plain language rather than in cryptic error codes. Just enter values on the numeric keypad and press the ENTER key.
Both the 5700A Series II and the 5720A feature RS-232 and IEEE-488 interfaces, and can control Fluke 5725A, 5220A, and 5205A/5215A Amplifiers, so they are compatible with your existing equipment. Both also feature Artifact Calibration which helps keep support costs low while providing confidence that your instrument is performing as you expect it to.
The rugged 5700A/5720A Calibrators operate over a wide temperature range so they're a good choice for on-site work as well as in the lab.

Increase Confidence and Efficiency While Reducing Ownership Costs

The 5700A/5720A Calibrators feature Artifact Calibration. Only three artifact standards-a 1OV de reference and 1Ω and 10 kΩ resistance references-are required to calibrate all ranges and functions to full specifica tions. Front panel instructions prompt the operator to make connections and inputs each step of the way. The calibrator controls the process which takes only about an hour, compared to several hours using traditional methods.
In addition to saving time and equipment costs, Artifact Calibration extends the need for external verification to two years or longer as required by your standards and procedures. And, because the 5700A Series II and 5720A can tolerate operating temperatures between 15˚C and 35˚C they can be calibrated where they're used, rather than having to be recalled to the standards laboratory for calibration.

Fluke 5700A Calibrator Features

  • Ranges :
    DC voltage to 1100 V
    AC voltage to 1100V, with output available from 10Hz to 1MHz
    AC & DC current to 2.2 A, with output available from 10Hz to 10kHz
    Resistance in values of 1x10n and 1.9x10n from 1 O to 100 MO, plus a short
  • Automatic meter error calculation obtained through using a simple output adjust knob; the display shows linearity, offset, & scale errors
  • Programmable entry limits used for restricting the levels that can be keyed into the calibrator, preventing access to levels that may be harmful to equipment or personnel
  • Offset and scaling modes that simplify linearity testing of multimeters
  • Variable phase reference signal output and phase-lock input

Fluke 5720A (5700A/EP) Calibrator Features

  • Minimum output: 0 V for all ranges, except 100 V for 1100 V range
  • Maximum load: 50mA for 2.2V through 220V ranges; 20mA for 1100V range; 50Ω output impedance on 220mV range; all ranges < 1000pF, > 25Ω
  • Load regulation: < (0.2 ppm of output +0.1 ppm of range), full load to no load
  • Line regulation: < 0.1 ppm change, 10% of selected nominal line
  • Settling time: 3 seconds to full uncertainty; +1 second for range or polarity change; +1 second for 1100V range
  • Standard Interfaces: GPIB, RS232, Fluke 5725A, 5205A, or 5215A, 5220A