Fluke 9010A Microsystem Troubleshooter

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Fluke 9010A Microsystem Troubleshooter

Fluke 9010A

Microsystem Troubleshooter (Fluke 9010A)

Fluke 9010A Price

The Fluke 9010A Micro-System Troubleshooter is self-contained programmable unit designed to locate faults in microprocessor-based systems. The 9010A includes built-in pre-programmed test routines for checking the entire microprocessor kernel including the bus, RAM, ROM, and I/O. The 9010A comes with a troubleshooting probe that can be used to either monitor logic action on a node-by-node basis or to inject stimulus pulses.
The 9010A uses microprocessor-specific interface pods to interface to the suspect circuit board. Over 50 different pods are available supportin an extnesive list of microprocessors. The interface pods have extensive protection and self test features ensuring confidence in troubleshooting and testing circuit boards.

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Each pod contains its own microprocessor, RAM, ROM, and I/O memory space permitting it to test non-functional boards. The 9010A has a mini-cassette for storing and reading programs and memory maps from the unit under test.

Fluke 9010A Features

  • Micro System Troubleshooter
  • Troubleshoot microprocessor based boards with ease
  • Microprocessor interface pods for over 50 microprocessors
  • Perform BUS, ROM and RAM testing with a few key strokes

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