Lambda LQ-415-V1 Dual Output Regulated Power Supply (250V, 80mA) (LQ415)

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Lambda LQ-415-V1 Dual Output Regulated Power Supply (250V, 80mA) (LQ415)

Lambda LQ-415-V1

DC Power Supply - LQ-415

The Lambda LQ-415 is a regulated, precision DC lab power supply that can be utilized for any application in electronic circuit design or repair and component testing in tube and solid state circuits. The power supply LQ415 is the perfect piece of professional gear for use in designing and repairing tube audio and other electronic equipment. The 0-250 volt range is perfect for silently powering the electro magnets of vintage field coil loudspeakers.

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This unit can also function as the ultimate capacitor "Charger / Re-former" providing complete control of charging / Re-forming current and end of “forming” voltage. (IMPORTANT : A properly rated "Blocking" diode must be inserted in series with the capacitor being formed to prevent catastrophic damage to the power supply.) The Lambda LQ-415 power supply provides dual output of 0-250 volts @ 0-80 milli-amps output, each with a precision “Ten Turn” variable control knob for voltage and a knob for current adjustments. The dual output each provides, 0-250V @ 0-80 milli-amps constant voltage and / or constant current (C/V, C/C)

The digital meter provides precision readings of both voltage and current. The output connections are standard banana type 5 way binding posts. Also, rear panel connections provide remote sense capabilities. The LQ-415 is truly a laboratory grade power supply with hum and noise specifications measured in micro volts and supply regulation accuracy to +/- .01%

Lambda LQ-415-V1 Features

  • Digital meter readout
  • Convection cooled - No fans or blowers
  • Designed for bench or rack use
  • Completely protected-Short circuit proof
  • Continuously adjustable automatic current limiting

Ask for Lambda LQ-415-V1 detailed specification.