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National Instruments

Model No


NI GPIB-100A National Instruments GPIB-100A
NI GPIB-232CV National Instruments GPIB-232CV
NI GPIB-VXI National Instruments GPIB-VXI
NI PXI-1000B 8-slot 3U PXI Chassis with 10-32 VDC
NI PXI-1002 4-slot PXI Chassis
NI PXI-1010 PXI/SCXI Combination Chassis
NI PXI-2501 Low-Voltage Multiplexer/Matrix FET Switch
NI PXI-2503 Low-Voltage Multiplexer/Matrix Relay Switch
NI PXI-2565 16-Channel High-Power General-Purpose Relay Switch
NI PXI-2590 1.3 GHz Multiplexer Switch
NI PXI-4110 Triple-Output Programmable DC Power Supply
NI PXI-6040E 500 kS/s (1-Channel), 250 kS/s (Multichannel), 12-Bit, 16-Analog-Input Multifunction DAQ
NI PXI-6052E 333 kS/s, 16-Bit, 16 Analog Input Multifunction DAQ
NI PXI-6533 high-speed, 32-bit, parallel digital I/O interface
NI PXI-6602 8-channel, 32-bit up/down counter/timer module
NI PXI-6704 Static Analog Output -- 16-Bit
NI PXI-8170 Controller Module
NI PXI-8211 Ethernet Interface
NI PXI-8330 MXI-3 Interface Module
NI PXI-8335 MXI-3 Interface Module
NI PXI-TB2605 Multiplexing terminal block
NI SCXI-1001 Rugged, compact 12-slot chassis to house any SCXI modules
NI SCXI-1102 32-Channel Thermocouple/Voltage Input Module
NI SCXI-1104 32-Channel 60 VDC Multiplexer Input Module, 2 Hz
NI SCXI-1160 16-Channel General-Purpose Relay Module

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