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Optical Test Equipment

Agilent Technologies (HP)

HP 8152A Optical Average Power Meter
HP 81521B Optical Power Sensor Head With Head Cover & Head Adaptor HP 8100WA (Bicon)
HP 81533A Optical Head Interface Module
HP 81533B Optical Head Interface Module
HP 81534A Return Loss Module
HP 81536A 800nm to 1700nm Power Sensor Module
HP 8153A Lightwave Multimeter Mainframe. Available with HP 81533A / HP 81533B / HP 81521B
HP 8156A / 201 Optical Attenuator (1200nm to 1650nm) with option 201
HP 8157A Programmable Optical Attenuator (w)
HP 8158B /002/011 Optical Attenuator
HP 8168A 1500-1565nm Tunable Laser Source (w)
HP 83402A / 012 Lightwave Source
HP 83402C Lightwave Source
HP 83410C/012 Lightwave Receiver Module
HP 83411D Lightwave Receiver Module
HP 83424A-H37 Lightwave EELED Source (w)
HP 83430A/130 Lightwave Transmitter/Digital Source, Opt 130 1310 20nm Center Wavelength
HP E4310A (8147) High Performance Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Mainframe
HP E4324A 45/43dB OTDR Module (Compatible with above mainframe)
HP E5970A Optical Power Meter (800nm to 1600nm)
HP E6000B/003 Portable Optical Time Domain (OTDR) Reflectometer Mainframe with full colour LCD Dispaly
HP E6000C / E6005A / 003 MINI OTDR c/w PSU Pt.No.0950-4250, (Available with complete accessory)
HP E6003B 1310/1550nm Single Mode Module
HP E6005A 850/1300nm High Performance Multi-Mode Module (26/34dB) Compatible with E6000B/003
HP E6006A Power Meter Sub-Module (800nm to 1600nm)
HP E6007A Visual Fault-Finder Sub-Module


Anritsu AQ3107 Optical variable attenuator
Anritsu AQ8103B Optical Fiber Telephone B
Anritsu ML9001A 4-Digit, Optical Power Meter
Anritsu ML93B Optical Power Meter
Anritsu MP0109A Optical Module for MP1550A (STM-1/4, 1310nm)
Anritsu MW9060 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer


BRT-320A 04BLC-58 Optical Return Loss Test Set

ILX Lightwave

ILX Lightwave FOM-7900B Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Test System
ILX Lightwave FOM-79800B Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Source Module
ILX Lightwave FOS-79800C Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Source Module
ILX Lightwave FOS-79800D Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Source Module
ILX Lightwave LDC-3722 Laser Diode Controller (18)
ILX Lightwave LDC-3722B Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3742 Laser Diode Controller (18)
ILX Lightwave LDC-3900 Laser Diode Controller 4 Channel (18)
ILX Lightwave LDT-5412 Temperature Controller (18)
ILX Lightwave LDT-5910 Temperature Controller (18)
ILX Lightwave LDT-5910B Temperature Controller (18)
ILX Lightwave LDX-3207B Precision Current Source (18)
ILX Lightwave OMH-6727B InGaAs Power/Wavehead 10uW-1W -20:+30dBm 950-1650nm (18)
ILX Lightwave OMM-6810B Optical Multimeter (18)


Keithley 2500 Dual photodiode meter
Keithley 2500-LV Dual photo diode meter
Keithley 2510 Autotuning TEC SourceMeter

Laser Precision

Laser Precision AM-3500 Laser Precision AM-3500


Newport 1830-C Optical Power Meter
Newport 818-IS-1 Universal Fiber Optic Detector


TEK OTS9000 Optical Test System With OTS91L1, OTS91R2, OTS91T2, OTS91C1
TEK 1503C / 03 / 04 / 05 Metallic Cable Testers
TEK OTS9030 Optical Power Meters

Wandel & Goltermann

W&G OLP-1 Optical Power Level Meter
W&G OLS-5 Optical LED Source
W&G OSA-155 DWDM Analyzer

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