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Agilent Technologies (HP)

HP 10074B 10:1 passive probe with 150 MHz bandwidth
HP 10074C Passive Probe, 10:1, 150 MHz, 1.5 m for optimal performance with your 54620-series oscilloscopes
HP 10075A 0.5 mm IC Clip Kit for the 10070-Series of Probes
HP 10098A Front Panel Cover and Pouch for the 54600-Family of Oscilloscopeses
HP 1130A InfiniiMax 1.5 GHz Probe
HP 1146A AC / DC Current Probe for Agilent Oscilloscope, 100 mA to 100 A rms, DC to 100 kHz
HP 1153A 200 MHz Differential Probe
HP 54001A 1 GHz miniature active probe, 1.5 m
HP 54002A 50 ohm BNC input for HP 54100A/D scopes
HP 54003A 300 MHz, 1 MOhm, 10:1, Probe Pod
HP 54110D 1GHz, 4 Channel Colour Digitising Oscilloscope
HP 54111D 1 GSa/sec Digitizing Oscilloscope
HP 54501A 100MHz, 4 Channel Digitising Oscilloscope
HP 54502A 400 MHz Digital Oscilloscope (w)
HP 54503A 500MHz, 4 Channel Digitising Oscilloscope
HP 54510A 250 MHz Digital Oscilloscope (w)
HP 54512B 300MHz Digital Oscilloscope
HP 54520A 500 MHz Digital Oscilloscope (w)
HP 54522A 500MHz Digital Oscilloscope
HP 54540A 500 MHz Digital Oscilloscope (w)
HP 54600B 2 Channel 100 MHz Oscilloscope
HP 54600X Rack Mount Kit Part Number: 5062-7345. For 546xx Series scopes
HP 54601A 100MHz, 4 Channel Digitising Oscilloscope
HP 54602B 150MHz Digital Oscilloscope
HP 54610B 500 MHz Oscilloscope
HP 54615B 1 GSa/s, 500 MHz, 2 Channel Oscilloscope
HP 54616B 500MHz, 2GSa/s, 1ns Peak Detect Oscilloscope
HP 54616C 500MHz, 2GSa/s, 2 Channel Colour Digital Oscilloscope
HP 54622A Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 100 MHz, 2 Channel, 200MSa/s
HP 54622D 2+16 Channel, 100 MHz Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope
HP 54645A 100MHZ 200 Ms/Sec Oscilloscope
HP 54645D 100-MHz 200-MSa/s Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
HP 54650A HP-IB Interface Module for HP 546XX Series Oscilloscopes
HP 54652B RS232 & Parallel Interface Module for HP 546XX Series Oscilloscopes
HP 54657A A GPIB Measurement Storage Module
HP 54750A High-Bandwidth Digitizing Oscilloscope
HP 654A HP / Agilent 654A
HP 70206A Oscilloscope System Graphics Display (w)
HP E2625A Communication Mask Test Kit
HP E2657A HP-IB Measurement Connectivity Kit for HP 546XX Series Oscilloscopes
HP E2659A Parallel/RS232 Measurement Connectivity Kit for HP 546XX Series Oscilloscopes

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Fluke / Philips

Fluke 96 Scopemeter 50MHz DSO + DMM (New In Box)
Fluke 99 Scopemeter 50MHz DSO + DMM (New In Box)
Fluke SW90W Flukeview Software For Fluke 99
Philips PM3206 15 MHz Oscilloscope
Philips PM3262 100 MHz Dual Channel Analog Oscilloscope
Philips PM3365A 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Philips PM3384B 4 Channel, 100MHz Digital & Analog Oscilloscope

Gould Instruments

Gould 1602/104 20MHz, 2 Channel Digital Storage Scope with integral colour plotter
Gould 1604 20MSa/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Gould 400 dual channel 20Mhz digital storage oscilloscope
Gould 465 2 ch. 200MS/sec 100MHz oscilloscope
Gould 500 200MHz (200MSa/s) Dig. Storage Oscilloscope


TEK 067-0405-00 Probe Calibration and Deskew Fixture for TDS7000 Series Oscilloscope
TEK 067-0587-01 Standardizer/Calibrator to 500MHz tr=300ps
TEK 067-0587-02 Standardizer/Calibrator to 1GHz, tr=150ps
TEK 067-0587-10 Series Standardizer/Calibrator to 1GHz, tr=150ps, w/trigger for DSA
TEK 067-0657-00 Normalized Ramp Generator for 7000 series
TEK 067-0680-00 5400 series standardizer
TEK 11401 Digitising Oscilloscope Mainframe
TEK 11A32 Two Channel Amplifier
TEK 11A52 2 Channel Amplifier for TEKTRONIX 11401 Oscilloscope
TEK 11A72 Amplifier Plug-in, 1 GHz, 2 Ch.
TEK 2430A 150MHz, Dual Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope
TEK 2440 500MHz, Dual Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope
TEK 2445 150MHz, 4 Channel Analogue Oscilloscope
TEK 2445A 150MHz, 4 Channel Analogue Oscilloscope
TEK 2465 300MHz, 4 Channel Analogue Oscilloscope
TEK 2465A 350 MHz Oscilloscope
TEK 2465B 400MHz, 4 Channel Analogue Oscilloscope
TEK 465B 100MHz Oscilloscope
TEK 475A Portable Oscilloscope
TEK 5A18N Dual Trace Amplifier Module
TEK 5A48 Dual-Trace Amplifier Plug-In : Vertical Plug-In Modules
TEK 5B42 Dual Time Base Plug-in
TEK 7104 Analog Benchtop (Mainframe) Oscill
TEK 7511 Low frequency oscilloscope. 2 MHz bandwidth, large CRT 6.5 in. diagram
TEK 7623A Analog Storage Oscilloscopes
TEK 7704A Oscilloscope mainframe DC to 250 MHz BW plug-ins
TEK 7834 400MHz Storage Oscilloscope Plug-ins
TEK 7854 Oscilloscope, Analog: 400MHz (Mainframe)
TEK 7904A Oscilloscope, Analog: 500MHz (Mainframe)
TEK 7A14 Current Probe Amplifier
TEK 7A18 75 MHz Dual-Trace Plug-In Amplifier
TEK 7A19 Amplifier 500MHz Plug-In
TEK 7A24 400 Mhz Dual Trace Amplifier Plug-In
TEK 7A26 200 MHz Dual Trace Amplifier Plug-In
TEK 7A29 1 GHz Single Trace Amplifier Plug-In
TEK 7B10 1 GHz Delaying Time Base plug-in
TEK 7B15 Plug-in Delaying Time Base Module
TEK 7B53A Plug-in, Dual Delayed/Delaying Time-Base, 100 MHz, to 5ns/div
TEK 7B92A Dual Time Base Plug-In
TEK 7M11 Delay Line Plug-In.
TEK 7S11 Sampling Unit, 350 MHz - 14 GHz
TEK 7S12 45 ps TDR/General Purpose Sampling Module
TEK AD007 GPIB-LAN Adapter TDS Series Oscilloscopes
TEK P6021 120 Hz to 60 MHz AC Current Probe
TEK P6022 AC Current Probe
TEK P6051 Oscilloscope Probes
TEK P6139A 500 MHz Passive Voltage Probe
TEK P6156 Low Impedance Probe
TEK P6207 Active (FET) Probe DC to 4 GHz
TEK P6243 Active (FET) Oscilloscope Probe
TEK P6245 Active (FET) Oscilloscope Probe
TEK P6247 Active Differential Oscilloscope Probe
TEK P6249 4 GHz Probe
TEK P6330 3.5 GHz Differential Probe
TEK P6701A Optical to Electrical Converter - 700 MHz, 450nm - 1050nm
TEK S-1 Sampling Head
TEK S-2 Sampling Head
TEK S-4 Sampling Head
TEK S-53 Trigger-Recognizer Head.
TEK S-6 Sampling Heads, 1.5GHz
TEK SD-26 20 GHz, Dual channel Sampling Head
TEK SD-42 DC - 6.4GHz Optical to Electrical Converter 1000nm - 1700nm, with Optical P/Meter ability
TEK SD-46 DC - 20 GHz Optical to Electrical Converter 1200nm - 1650 nm (+ Optical power meter function)
TEK TAS475 4 Channel 100MHz Analog Oscilloscope
TEK TD100 Data Manager
TEK TDS3014B 100 MHZ, 1.25GS/S, 4-Channel Oscilloscope
TEK TDS3054B 500 MHz, 4CH, 5 GSa/s Oscilloscope
TEK TDS350 200 MHz, Digitizing Oscilloscope
TEK TDS360 200MHz, 1GSa/s, 2ch Digital Oscilloscope
TEK TDS5054B 500MHz 4CH 5GSa/s Oscilloscope
TEK TDS540 500MHz, 1GSa/s, 4ch Digital Oscilloscope
TEK TDS6124C Digital Oscilloscope, 12 GHz, 4 Channel
TEK TDS744A 500MHz, 4 Channel Digital Oscilloscope
TEK TDS784D 1GHz, 4 Channel, 4GS/s Digital Oscilloscope
TEK TDS820 6 GHz Digital Oscilloscope

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