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Power Supplies, Voltage / Current Source

Agilent Technologies (HP)

HP 3612A 30 watt Power Supply 60V, 0.5A or 120V, 0.25A
HP 3617A 60V, 1A, 60 watt power supply
HP 3630A GPIB paint jet (as-is)
HP 5063-9240 Rack Mount For 34401A 33120A531XX
HP 5063-9243 Rack Mount HP E3631A E3632A
HP 6002A DC Power Supply
HP 6030A DC Power Supply (200V, 17A)
HP 6031A DC System Power Supply (20V, 120A)
HP 6032A DC System Power Supply (60V, 50A)
HP 6033A DC System Power Supply (20V, 30A)
HP 6034A Power Supply 0-60V, 0-10A
HP 6038A / 001 DC System Power Supply (60V, 10A)
HP 6038L Auto ranging system power supply - 60V, 10A
HP 6050A Electronic Load Mainframe
HP 60501A 150 Watt DC Electronic LOAD Module
HP 60501B 60V, 30A, 150W Electronic Load Module
HP 60502A DC Electronic Load Module 60V/60A
HP 60502B 3-60V, 60A, 300W Electronic Load Module
HP 60503B 3-240V, 10A, 250W Electronic Load Module
HP 60504B 60V, 120A, 600W Electronic Load Module
HP 60507B 150V, 60A, 500W Electronic Load Module
HP 6051A 600W Electronic Load Mainframe
HP 6060B 300 Watt DC Electronic Load
HP 6253A Dual DC Power Supply - 20V, 3A
HP 6255A Dual DC Power Supply - 40V, 1.5A
HP 6574A 2000 Watt Power Supply, 60 V, 35 A
HP 66101A dc Power Module, 8V, 16A
HP 66000A Modular Power System
HP 66102A DC Power Module, 20V, 7.5A for 66000A
HP 66103A Special Order Power Supply 37 V, 4.5
HP 6621A Dual Output Power Supply (80 Watt)
HP 6622A System Power Supply, 80W, 2 outputs
HP 6624A Quad Output Power Supply (40 Watt)
HP 6626A Quad Output DC Systems Power Supply
HP 6627A Quad Output Power Supply (40 Watt)
HP 6629A Precision System Power Supply, 50 W, 4 outputs
HP 66309B Dual output Telecommunication Power Supply
HP 66309D / 0521 Mobile Comms. DC Power Supply. Dual Output (Output 1: 0-15V, 0-3A) & (Output 2: 0-12V, 0-1.5A)
HP 66311B Mobile Comms. DC Power Supply. Single Output (0-15V, 0-3A)
HP 66312A Mobile Comms. DC Power Supply. Single Output (0-20V, 0-2A)
HP 6632A System DC Power Supply - 100W, 20V, 5A
HP 6632B System DC Power Supply - 100W, 20V, 5A
HP 66332A 100 Watt Dynamic Measurement DC Source, 20V, 5A
HP 6634A/760 100V / 1A Systems Power Supply with Polarity Reversal Relay
HP 6642A 20V/10A Systems Power Supply
HP 6644A System DC Power Supply
HP 6645A 120V/1.5A Systems Power Supply
HP 6652A Programmable Power Supply
HP 6654A 6654A System Power Supply, 500 W, 60V, 9A
HP 6673A DC System Power Supply, 0-35V, 0-60A, 2000W
HP 6674A 60V, 35A System DC Power Supply
HP 6675A 120 V, 18 AMP Programmable Power Supply
HP 6681A 8V, 580A, 5000W DC power supply
HP 6812B AC Power Source / Analyzer
HP E3610A/0E3 Single Output, Dual Range Power Supply. (8V,3A) & (15V,2A)
HP E3611A/0E3 Single Output, Dual Range Power Supply. (20V,1.5A) & (55V,0.85A)
HP E3612A/0E3 Single Output, Dual Range Power Supply. (60V,0.5A) & (120V,0.25A)
HP E3614A/0E3 8V, 6A Single Output Power Supply
HP E3615A/0E3 20V, 3A Single Output Power Supply
HP E3616A/0E3 35V, 1.7A Single Output Power Supply
HP E3617A/0E3 60V, 1A Single Output Power Supply
HP E3620A/0E3 25V, 1A Dual Output Power Supply
HP E3630A/0E3 Triple Output Power Supply (6V/2.5A, +20V/0.5A, -20V/0.5A)
HP E3631A 80 W triple output programmable DC power supply (25V/1A, -25V/-1A, 6V/5A)
HP E3633A Dual Range Power Supply (8V/20A) & (20V/10A)
HP E3644A 80W Power Supply, 8V, 8A or 20V, 4A
HP E3648A 100W Dual Output Power Supply Two 8V, 5A or 20V, 2.5A
HP E4356A Telecom DC Power Supply, 70V, 30A and 80V, 26A
HP N5747A DC System Power Supply, 60V, 12.5A, 750W

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Farnell AP60/50 1KW Autoranging Bench Power Supply (60V-50A)
Farnell L12-10C 12V 10A DC Power Supply
Farnell L30BT Farnell L30BT
Farnell TSV70 Farnell TSV70

Fluke / Philips

Philips PM2832 Programmable Dual Output DC Power Supply - 60V / 2A / 120W


IRCO C6k-20P Power Supply Monitor


Keithley 213 Quad Voltage Source DC Power Supply
Keithley 224 Programmable Current Source (5nA to 101mA)
Keithley 228A Programmable Voltage/Current Source
Keithley 230 Programmable Voltage Source (50uV to 101V)
Keithley 236 Source-Measure Unit (110V, 100mA)
Keithley 238 High Current Source-Measure Unit (110V, 1A)
Keithley 2400 General Purpose SourceMeter (20V, 1A : 20W Output)
Keithley 2400-C General-Purpose SourceMeter
Keithley 2420 High Current SourceMeter
Keithley 2440 40V, 5A, 50W Sourcemeter
Keithley 2602 Dual-Channel System SourceMeter Instrument
Keithley 617 Programmable Electrometer/Source
Keithley 6221 AC and DC Current Source
Keithley 6514 Programmable Electrometer


Ken GP-600 Kenwood GP-600
Ken PS60-6 Kenwood PS60-6


Kepco MSK 125-1M Linear benchtop power supply


Kikusui PCR500L Programmable Power Source
Kikusui PLZ-150W Electronic Load DC 4-110V,0-3A, 0-30A, 150W (18)
Kikusui PLZ-153W System Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ-303W Electronic Load DC 1.5-120V, 0-60A, 300W (18)
Kikusui PLZ-700W Electronic Load DC 4-60V, 0-140A, 700W (18)


Lambda LQ-415-V1 Dual Output Regulated Power Supply
Lambda ZUP 10-20 0-10v / 0-20A DC Power Supply Unit


Sorensen DCS60-18E Programmable DC Power Supply - 60 V, 18 Amp.
Sorensen DCS300 - 3.5 Programmable DC Power Supply - 300 V, 3.5 Amp.


TEK 1103 Probe Power Supply

Thurlby Thandar

Thurlby Thunder 30V-2A Power Supply Unit
Thurlby Thunder LB15 Power Supply Unit
TTi PL310 Power Supply Unit
Thurlby Thunder PL320 Power Supply Unit
TTi TS1410 Bench Power Supply
Thurlby Thunder TSX1820 0-18V/0-20A Power Supply
Thurlby Thunder TSX1820P Programmable DC Power Supply


Xantrex XT30-2 60 Watt Programmable DC Power Supply 0-30 Volts, 0-2 Amps

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