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R&S SMIQ03B Vector Signal Generator, 3.3 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ03B

Vector Signal Generator, (R&S SMIQ Series)

R&S SMIQ03B Price

The Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ03B Vector Signal Generator, 300 kHz to 3.3 GHz (R&S SMIQ03B) for analog and digital modulation offers solutions for today and tomorrow. This SMIQ series particularly takes into account future developments in the field of 3rd-generation digital mobile radio. The R&S Vector Signal Generator has high-grade I/Q modulator fitted as standard, ensures minimum error vector magnitude and high intermodulation suppression. Using modern digital signal processor (DSP) technology, the versatile concept allows the generation of high-precision digital modulation signals with high bit rates without any limitations on modulation modes or standards.

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R&S SMIQ03B Features

  • Frequency range 300 kHz to 3.3 GHz
  • Analog Modulation (AM, BB-AM, Pulse)
  • Digital Modulation (ASK, BPSK, All QPSK, PSK, PSK EDGE, GMSK, GFSK, All FSK, QAM)
  • Digital Standard (PHS, WCDMA/3GPP, NADC, GSM/EDGE, DECT)
  • Installed with options : B21, B45, B47, B48, B49, B60, SM-B1, SMIQB11, SMIQB12, SMIQB14, SMIQB15, SMIQB17, SMIQB20

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