Rohde & Schwarz URE3 RMS / Peak Voltmeter (R&S URE3)

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Rohde & Schwarz URE3 RMS / Peak Voltmeter (R&S URE3)


R&S URE3 RMS / Peak Voltmeter

The Rohde & Schwarz URE3 RMS/Peak voltmeter (R&S URE3) further enhances the range of applications due to its greater frequency range and higher accuracy, built-in frequency counter and additional peak-responding rectifier.
The URE3 is convencing by its clear regonomical configuration which enabels the user to work with the instrument within a few minutes. Remote control is effected via the built-in IEC (IEEE 488) bus using plain-text commands. Remote control fully complies with the IEC 625-2 standard and applies to all equipment functions.

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Measurement accuracy

A patented rectifier circuit with microprocessor-controlled autocalibration makes for the outstanding measurement characteristics of R&SURE3. In order to further enhance the accuracy, correction factors are determined for each instrument and measurement range and stored in a nonvolatile memory.
A zero function allows noise voltages and the inherent noise to be compensated for, the measurement accuracy being thus increased in particular at low levels.

URE3 Applications

  • Interference measurements on switch-mode power supplies
  • Level measurements in audio range
  • Measurement of extremely fast dialling signals and detection of simultaneously transmitted supply voltages in radiotelephony
  • Automatic quality control of audio and video tapes
  • High-frequency measurements in digital magnetic storage and optical data storage
  • Peak weighting in video measurements (sync signals)

R&S URE3 Features

  • Up to 30 MHz frequency measurement
  • 4 1/2 digit display & analog display with selectable scale
  • True RMS weighting for AC and AC + DC
  • 30+ measurements/s
  • Highpass / Lowpass filters
  • Very high measurement accuracy

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