Racal 1260-14C Digital I/O Module, Open Collector

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Racal 1260-14C Digital I/O Module, Open Collector

Racal Dana 1260-14C

VXI Digital I/O Module (1260-14C)

The Racal 1260-14 digital I/O module provides 96 open collector channels in twelve groups of eight bits each. With the open collector version each independent group can utilize a separate internal or external pull-up supply up to 32VDC. Each channel can be configured as an input or an output and individually controlled in the asynchronous mode, or be synchronous with other channels.
The 1260-14 has a two-wire, handshake mode available for the control of synchronous I/O transactions. Each handshake line can be programmed to either active high or active low to provide a flexible interface with user signals.

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The 1260-14C I/O channels are open collector transistors ideal for controlling external digital circuitry, switches, relays and similar devices. The 1260-14 is programmable in several operating modes and data may be manipulated in either hex, decimal or binary. Memory is available on the 1260 Series Smart Card Module to allow buffered I/O operations.

The 1260-14 is also available in TTL or CMOS compatible I/O channels. The 1260-14 is controlled by the Option 01 message-based interface.

Racal 1260-14C Features

  • 96 TTL, CMOS, or Open-collector Input/Output Channels
  • Drives up to 32 V and Sinks up to 200 mA per Channel
  • Two-wire Programmable Handshaking
  • Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Mixed Operating Modes
  • 1 kHz Data Rate

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