Racal 1260-18 Basic High Density Switch Module

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Racal 1260-18 Basic High Density Switch Module

Racal 1260-18

High Density Switch Module (1260-18)

The Racal 1260-18 is a high-density general purpose switch module that provides 152 channels. This configuration allows the user to develop application specific switch systems with a minimum number of switch cards. The 1260-18 provides the necessary bandwidth and current/voltage switch capability to make it the ideal general purpose switch card. The 1260-18 can be user configured in many ways switching up to 250AC or 2A per channel.

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Relay coil current monitoring is available to provide confidence checking which gives the user assurance of proper relay operation. The 1260-18 is controlled by the Option 01 message-based interface which is explained in detail in the Smart Control Module data sheet. All 1260 control features explained in that section are available to this module. The 1260-18 supports "equate" programming lists. This allows the user to close a group of relays on the switch module simply by sending a single command to the module. The result is a software configurable module providing the ultimate in flexibility.

Racal 1260-18 Features

  • 152 Channels of SPST Switches
  • 50MHz Bandwidth Minimum 100MHZ Bandwidth Typical
  • Switches Signals Up to 2Amps or 250VAC
  • Highly Density User Configurable Switching
  • Both “Include” and "Exclude" Programmable Switching
  • Combine Several Switch

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