Racal 1260-22 High Power Switch Card

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Racal 1260-22 High Power Switch Card

Racal 1260-22

High Power Switch Card (1260-22)

The Racal 1260-22 is an 8 each 1 x 2 and 6 each 1 x 4 SPST, high-power switch module designed for switching and routing high current sources such as AC and DC power supplies in automated test systems. The 1260-22 switches currents up to 20A, AC or DC, and voltages up to 250VDC or 250VAC. Maximum power handling is 600WDC or 4800VA per channel. The 1260-22 design reduces external components, configuration jumpers and fail-safe devices. Provisions for internal jumpers facilitate 1x2 and/or 1x4 multiplexer configurations, reducing external wiring. Surge suppressors install easily onto the module, simplifying system integration.

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The message-based and register-based Option 01T interface controls the 1260-22. Refer to the applicable Option 01T data sheet for specifications and product features such as include, exclude, and scan lists; relay coilcurrent monitoring; and user-defined path names and reset states. An external "Emergency Reset" switch may be connected to the front panel connector of the 1260-22. The external switch provides a way to instantly open all channels on the 1260-22, and all cards connected to the same Option 01T. This helps ensure safe switching in high-current applications.

Racal 1260-22 Features

  • Configured as 8 each 1 x 2 and 6 each 1 x 4
  • Switching for Power Supplies and Current Sources
  • Switches up to 20A, AC or DC
  • Interface for External "Emergency Reset" Switch to Open all Channels
  • Configuration Jumpers to Combine Channels
  • Provisions for Adding Shunt Contact Protection Element

Ask for 1260-22 detailed specification.