Racal 6113G Digital Radio Test Set

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Racal 6113G Digital Radio Test Set

Racal 6113G

Racal 6113G Digital Radio Test Set

Racal Dana 6113G Price

Increasingly the approach of testing on system simulators and then field trialling to check compliance, prior to a new terminal launch or BTS software release, is proving ineffective in identifying all the Interoperability Test (IOT) issues. The increase in GSM terminal vendors who don't have easy access to BTS test labs, also increases the likelihood that there will be small deviations in user performance between different network infrastructure manufacturers when using the same mobile device and vice versa. When interoperability problems are found in the field it is difficult to exactly recreate that scenario in the initial development environment and even more difficult to analyze the level of data necessary to identify the cause, especially if the problem lies in the complex protocol stack.

6113G : Configuration 1

01 : GSM900 Operation
02 : DCS 1800 Operation
300 : AIME Software
308 : GPRS 2 Way AIM
04E : Frequency Standatd
052 : E1 A-bis Interface

6113G : Configuration 2

01 : GSM900 Operation
02 : DCS 1800 Operation
300 : AIME Software
304 : 2 Way AIM
04E : Frequency Standatd
052 : E1 A-bis Interface

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The Two Way AIM is a member of the ProCLAIME series of Protocol test solutions and provides GSM, AMR, GPRS and EGPRS protocol monitoring and analysis. It sits between a BTS and mobile terminal, passively monitoring all the protocol exchanges between the two devices on the Um interface, such as the signaling and the raw traffic frames. This allows an IOT engineer to analyse in detail the actual information exchange between the BTS and Mobile terminal creating a quicker, repeatable and deterministic method of investigating and solving IOT issues.

The protocol monitoring process is carried out using the Racal Instruments Wireless Solutions (RIWS) 6103G and 6113G digital radio test sets connected through an RF assembly, providing a convenient duplex input point. The RF interface assembly accommodates a wide range of input levels from both the BTS and MS The mobile phone is plugged into the RF assembly together with a simplex or duplex feed from the BTS. The signal path from the BTS to the mobile is unaffected however the Two Way AIM is able to demodulate and log everything.

Racal Dana 6113G Features

  • GSM, AMR, GPRS and EGPRS 4+4 timeslots (MS Class 14) air interface protocol analyzer
  • Passively decodes raw traffic and signaling between a BTS and Mobile terminal
  • Capture and identification of "real world" interoperability issues
  • Protocol regression testing and fault finding
  • 3GPP Compliant representation of signaling
  • Multiple scenarios for automatic and static channel following

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