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Solartron 1286 Electrochemical interface

Solartron 1286

Electrochemical interface (Solartron 1286)

Solartron 1286 Price

The Solartron 1287 Electrochemical interface is a high accuracy, wide bandwidth potentiostat/galvanostat which offers a full range of ac/dc test capabilities; when coupled with a frequency response analyzer.
Measurement Integrity
Central to the measurement capability of 1287 are two high resolution digital voltmeters which provide simultaneous voltage and current measurements. Using Solartron Analyticalís patented pulse width conversion technique, they have high accuracy, stability and linearity throughout the entire range of the instrument. The 1287 has excellent measurement resolution and accuracy down to 1μV for the reference electrodes and 1pA for the working electrode, which makes it an ideal choice for electrochemical noise applications or measurements where signal levels are extremely low.

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The 1287 uses floating measurements on all connections: it is equally at home measuring corrosion rates on grounded oil pipelines as it is in the laboratory. For safety reasons, it is often necessary to ground laboratory equipment such as autoclaves, a major problem if your instrumentation is not capable of floating measurements.

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) is widely used to enhance the information about reaction mechanisms available from dc techniques. Designed with impedance testing very much in mind, the 1287ís performance is unsurpassed; no other electrochemical interface matches the flatness and linearity of its frequency response. Solartron Analytical FRAs use a single sine correlation algorithm which offers excellent noise and harmonic rejection. The technique is particularly powerful for electrochemical applications since signal levels are usually very low (of the order of millivolts), and are inevitably buried in noise. With the 1287/1260 combination it is possible to characterize cells with a very wide range of impedances.

Solartron 1286 Features

  • Cell connections : 2-, 3- or 4-terminal, all floating
  • Digital Meter Resolution : 31/2, 41/2, 51/2 digits
  • 2-terminal techniques for general materials/electrochemical testing
  • 3-terminal techniques for corrosion/coating applications
  • 4-terminal techniques for accurate characterization of batteries/fuelcells, enabling lead resistance and impedance effects to be minimised

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