Tektronix 1735 PAL / NTSC Waveform Monitor (Tek 1735)

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Tektronix 1735 PAL / NTSC Waveform Monitor (Tek 1735)

Tektronix 1735

PAL / NTSC Waveform Monitor (Tektronix 1735)

Tektronix 1735 Price

The Tektronix 1735 is a half-rack width PAL waveform monitor designed for television signal monitoring applications. It has dual-channel capability permiting simultaneous display with parallax-free internal graticules for precise evaluation.
The 1735īs unique features get even more powerful when operated in tandem with the 1720 series Vectorscopes. The 1730/1720 units are both light weight, half-rack width and have bright CRTs for video signal monitoring.

The 1735 has full-frame select with alphanumeric readouts. Any one or two lines of an entire frame may be selected and tracked automatically when connected to the companion 1720 Vectorscope. Displays available include 1-field, 2-field, and 2-line. Low pass and chroma filters are selectable. One button storing and recalling of setups can be perfomed.

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Tektronix 1735 Features

  • Complete line select
  • Simultaneous channel A & B display
  • Differential gain measurement
  • One button front panel recall
  • Dual filter display
  • VTR servo rates
  • Available in NTSC, PAL or dual standard
  • Digital composite input available

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